service testimonials

Some Kind Words From Our Customers


I cannot express my gratitude enough for what Connections Design Studios did for me as I developed my private practice. They did so much and was very serious about making sure I was happy with the outcome before making anything official. They helped me with my branding and created a logo design that I absolutely love and get tons of compliments daily from my clients!

Carla Casillas, LCSW
Winding Path Solutions LLC

“Outstanding Work”

I consider myself lucky to have met Connections Design Studios and Matthew to help build my business website and advertise. Their take charge attitude, willingness to see the job through, and willingness to pick up the phone when  needed has really impressed me.  I highly recommend this company.

Scott D. Altamirano, LMFT
Solid Ground Group Therapy Co.

“A Blessing”

Let me tell you about a blessing to me and my business! Matthew Pierce of Connections Design Studios has changed my entire business relationship with my clients and potential clients.

Matthew took a good basic website that no one saw.  It was informative but only to the internet gremlins because they were the only ones who saw it!

By restructuring the content, freshening the layout using custom color palettes that suit me and who I want the world to see and just giving us a Eliza Doolittle makeover, my site in less than 30 days went from the girl in the corner to the woman of the hour!

Matthew is a marketing guru and I consult with him on everything that goes out to the public – cards, hand outs, – everything.  If you have any questions, call me directly.  I just can’t say enough in one sitting.

Deborah Colleen Rose
Miles of Smiles Events